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Celebrate a Family Legacy
Life Story Videos

Our lives are stories waiting to be told

Honor --- Celebrate --- Reminisce

Capture the Essence of a Lifetime

We all seek to leave a lasting impression, a legacy that says we made a difference. Life Story Videos offer a compelling way to honor and celebrate the lives that have touched us deeply.

A Journey Through Memories

Life Story Videos are more than just a montage; they're a narrative journey through the milestones, joys, and meaningful moments that define a person's life. Using carefully curated family photos and video clips, we craft a visual memoir set to ambient music that captures the essence of your loved one's unique journey.

Quick and Accessible

Our streamlined process ensures that your Life Story Video is ready within 48 hours of approval. We offer multiple delivery options, all designed for easy viewing without the need for specialized equipment or technical know-how.

Life Story Video Samples

Van Nyman Life Story Video

Eva Hallam Solberg Bruckner Life Story Video

Benefits of a Life Story Video


  • Celebrates and honors cherished memories

  • Highlights life achievements

  • Elevates mood and uplifts spirits

  • Encourages family discussions

  • Engages both family members and caregivers

  • Stimulates cognitive activity

  • Leaves a lasting family legacy

Ulla's Reaction as she receives her PBM.

Our standard package includes:

  • 35 Photos with custom transitions and restoration

  • 2 Video Clips (sourced from your personal collection)

  • Personalized family message

  • Optional customization like theme design, music selection, and captions

  • Digital download available within 48 hours of approval

  • Complimentary cloud storage


LSC IPhone + IPad Screen RIVERWOOD View Jack Harris.png

Digital Download: $99 (Standard package included)​

Package Display DVD USB Only RIVERWOOD Mary Edwards.png

USB Drive: $115 (Standard package covers the first $99)

Capture the essence of a life well-lived with our Life Story Videos.

Once you register, you'll receive step-by-step instructions for selecting and submitting your photos and videos. A preview will be sent for your approval, and upon confirmation, your Life Story Video will be promptly delivered.

Getting Started

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